About us

The UK’s position, in terms of both geography and business culture, puts it at the center of a diverse collection of markets and sectors presenting significant opportunities for overseas companies.

At UKAS, our members have an in-depth knowledge of the UK and international markets and can offer an expert opinion and advice to help you develop and validate your market entry strategy and plans in the UK or other foreign markets, and then later, leverage those connections to help generate sales and accelerate growth.

UKAS is made up of carefully selected SME multidisciplinary independent consulting, accountancy and law firms operating in markets across the globe, and who are well-respected experts with a strong understanding of local business practices, laws, regulations, and culture.

UKAS members work together to provide their clients with expert advice and knowledge, to develop, validate and successfully implement their UK market entry strategy, as well as assisting UK companies with their global expansion.

At UKAS, our primary objectives are to:

  • Provide SME businesses with the advice and support that they need to establish a solid foundation in the UK.
  • Support UK-based businesses looking to expand into new markets.
  • Create a membership organisation that is recognised for helping businesses with setting up and conducting business in international markets.
  • Build our memberships organisation globally.

Our Expertise

  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Construction

If you would like to become a member of UKAS or would like to know more about how you and your clients could benefit from working UKAS, contact us at contact@ukadvisoryservices.com


Better, quicker decisions evaluating the UK market for your business


Significantly reduce risk and maximise the chances of a successful launch


Rapid identification of local partners

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