How to sell in the ‘new normal’

2020 has been quite the year, especially for business owners, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the make or break of many businesses.  Now, as we approach 2021, it’s time to consider the lessons we’ve learned during this turbulent year and to also think of the learnings that we will take forward.  In this post, we look at how to sell in the ‘new normal’.

Doing business in 2021: How to sell in the ‘new normal’

As we enter 2021, having a clear purpose, an adaptive sales strategy, effective sales processes, and proactive, agile sales teams are key. Businesses need to monitor and quickly adapt to the changes in market dynamics, with the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions.  Agility and adaptability are imperative to success.

Show that you’re human

Let your clients know that you too understand their fears and their hardship. Show them that you care. Show empathy towards those affected by Covid-19, and show how your company is helping your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Social media is the perfect place to shout about this. 

Stress that despite the difficulties you have faced this year, your business will continue to provide your customers with the services/products that they are accustomed to.  Assure your client base you will continue to offer a quality service no matter what.

Be Innovative

We’ve all faced challenges we could have never predicted this year.  Think about what this has meant to your customers- what unforeseen problems have they had to try to overcome? Can you provide a product or service that provides a solution to these hurdles?  

Be clear and manage expectations

Be clear with your customer base.  Lay their options our clearly. Provide them with fresh options for new situations, and allow them time to process the information.  Clarity can also be achieved by comparing and contrasting available options. Instead of just presenting your product or service in isolation. Show the options and compare the benefits, also include time and cost savings. The key to success is to ensure you are taking ownership of the situation, as much as possible. Don’t allow the situation to take ownership of you and your potential customers.

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