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The key things you need to know when setting up a business in the UK: Part One

Starting a business in the UK can be complex, especially if you’re from outside of the European Union. You need to consider…

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How to sell in the ‘new normal’

2020 has been quite the year, especially for business owners, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the make or break of many businesses. …

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UK residents taxed on worldwide income & gains

As a UK tax resident, the default position is that you are subject to tax on your worldwide income and gains. This…

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Essential business contracts for new UK businesses

When setting up a new business in the UK it is important to ensure you have essential business contracts in place. If…

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[WEBINAR] Global travel restrictions on international employees

Global travel restrictions on international employees: managing immigration and tax implications Join UKAS and our strategic partners at Davenport Solicitors and Lawrence…

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