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Dinesh Raja is the Managing Partner of Bowling & Co Solicitors. As the Managing Partner, Dinesh has led the development and implementation of a strategic framework essentially focused on providing excellent legal guidance and support to international and domestic clients.

Dinesh has extensive experience in a number of legal practice areas with specialisms in property, corporate and finance work. He acts as General Counsel on a number of international projects with the most recent being a mixed-use development in Nairobi.

Dinesh’s drive and leadership of the firm, has allowed us to capture and develop extraordinary talent by empowering its lawyers to “think outside the box” and to “stand out from the crowd”. Creating a team structure has led to innovative approaches to problem-solving and transaction progress including the use of the latest technology and developing outsourcing facilities in Bangalore.

Dinesh acts for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and private companies with a particular focus on property, finance, and corporate law. Dinesh plays a pivotal role in acting as General Counsel to the Commercial Property and Corporate team.

Languages: Gujarati, Hindi and Swahili

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